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  • I grew up bilingual, speaking Finnish with my dad and Russian with my mom. My dad is Finnish and my mother is from Azerbaijan.

  • I was born and raised in Finland, but the US has been my home for the last 15 years (NYC & LA) and now I'm a dual citizen of both the US & EU.


  • I started out acting in musicals and played leading roles in The Wizard of Oz and West Side Story (still two of my favorite musicals!)


  • I mostly learned all my English and my American accent from watching American movies, MTV and Madonna. No joke!


  • I played the classical violin for 15 years of my life and still play at home for fun.


  • I graduated from the Pop & Jazz Conservatory in Helsinki, Finland majoring in vocals.


  • I was a semi-finalist on the first season of Finland’s version of  “American Idol”, which was an unforgettable learning experience!


  • Songwriting is a big passion of mine and one of the ballads I co-wrote, “Not Looking Back”, was published in Germany by the singer Joanna Zimmer. 


  • I'm a thrift shopper extraordinaire and I'm a master at finding fabulous finds at low prices (challenge me!)


  • Besides acting I get a kick out of traveling (have been to over 30 countries). Vienna and Sydney are a few of my favorite cities.


  • I'm a total goofball at heart and have no shame in embarrassing myself (or others) - only in a professional setting of course :)


  • Dangerously addicted to desserts!! Pies, chocolates, pastries, oh my!

Photo by Michelle Sobel
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